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Membership at the Pinawa Golf & Country Club includes certain expectations regarding member, staff, and guest personal interactions. The board of the PG&CC has created codes of conduct and disciplinary procedures to foster the growth of civility and mutual respect amongst members, staff and guests. Anyone considering membership or employment at the PG&CC should make themselves familiar with these codes and procedures.

The Pinawa Club Codes of Conduct establish baseline expectations for the general conduct of members, board members, staff and guests. The Progressive Disciplinary Procedures provides structured, unbiased procedures for resolving conflicts in a civil manner. If individuals find themselves involved in interpersonal conflicts, it is expected that they will conduct themselves according the Codes of Conduct and make use of the Progressive Discipline Policy to express their concerns. Should guests, members, or staff wish to pursue a formal complaint, they are expected to complete the incident report form made available on this web site or provide a reasonable written facsimile.


[Codes of Conduct pdf] [Progressive Discipline Policy pdf]

[Incident Report pdf] for editable electronic copy use [Incident Report MSW]

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