Codes of Conduct

The Pinawa Club, hereafter referred to as The Pinawa Golf & Country Cub (PG&CC), has developed the following codes of conduct to ensure a safe, friendly and respectful place for members, visitors, staff, and the board to gather in the spirit of cooperation, relaxation, good will, fun, and friendly competition. They do not supersede or replace any staff rules implemented by the general manager and/or departmental supervisors. For the purposes of this document rules are defined as specific regulations regarding specific behaviours, for example, “Don’t be late for work”, whereas conduct is defined as the general mode of behaviour with respect to the rules and interactions with members, staff, and visitors. Part 1: General Code of Conduct applies to everyone: members, employees, and the board. Part 2: Code of Conduct for Board Members applies specifically to The PG&CC board members. Part 3: Code of Conduct for Staff applies specifically to employees of The Pinawa Golf & Country Club.

Part 1: General Code of Conduct

All members, visitors, and staff are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that:

  • Creates an environment and culture that is reflective of personal integrity and respect, as exemplified in the games of golf, curling, and tennis;
  • Acknowledges that the PG&CC is a family friendly environment, and therefore refrains from using obscenities and loud boisterous behavior inappropriate to social situations;
  • Observes the proper etiquette for whatever club activity, golf, curling, tennis, etc. in which they are participating;
  • Is reflective of being an ambassador for The Pinawa Golf & Country Club when participating in club or community events;
  • Shows the utmost respect and dignity to fellow members, staff, and visitors;
  • Does not damage the character, integrity, good will, property, and community view (local and/or the broader community) of The Pinawa Golf & Country Club;
  • Is reflective of an adherence to all club rules and procedures, for example:
    • obeying daily guidelines concerning conduct in the various club venues;
    • payment of fees within the board defined deadlines;
  • Understands that members and visitors have no authority to instruct staff in job performance and duties;
  • Understands that the general manager and/or departmental supervisors are responsible for instructing the staff in the performance of their duties;
  • Is vigilant in reporting real or perceived safety hazards to staff and/or club managers, supervisors, and/or board members;
  • Understands that the membership, through the board, may make suggestions to the general manager and/or departmental supervisors about the club’s operation;
  • Does not denigrate, talk down to, or scream at staff, members, board members, and/or guests, and does not create unnecessary strife and divisiveness.
  • Does not misrepresent their position and/or authority to others;
  • Uses the Progressive Discipline Policy and supporting documents to express concerns about member, staff, and board conduct at The PG&CC

Part 2: Code of Conduct for Board Members

This Code is to ensure a mechanism for establishing a business environment that fosters an efficient operation and a sound decision making process, while utilizing a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.
All Board members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that:

  • Reflects honesty, integrity and support for the best interests of The Pinawa Golf & Country Club in carrying out the daily business and future planning of the club;
  • Affords the membership an identifiable method to voice concerns in a proper, civil and consistent manner, namely:
    • A place to bring concerns, ideas and suggestions for appropriate consideration and/or action;
    • A respectful place where they have the freedom to voice opposition and/or praise for board initiatives;
    • A place that does not create unnecessary strife, ill will, and divisiveness among the membership and/or staff;
  • Demonstrates a professional and healthy regard for confidentiality;
  • Is unbiased in the management of all sections of The Pinawa Golf & Country Club;
  • Is consistent with a committee system of organization and operation, namely:


  • Members decide, according to club constitutional procedures, who will constitute the board;
  • The board, through a participatory style of decision making, assigns responsibilities to remaining members for other offices and committees;


  • The president calls and presides over meetings in accordance with the club bylaws;
  • Minutes of meetings will be maintained and posted for the general membership;
  • The president, on behalf of the Board, sets the agenda each month and welcomes the membership to take an active part in the life of the club and to make suggestions and present ideas for improvement;
  • Roberts Rules of Order will be followed in all monthly board and any general membership meetings;


  • The Board will respectfully consider various  ideas and suggestions, and will, through a committee system, make and vote on motions for action or inaction;
  • The Board will pursue further information, solicit expert advice, and gather as much information as possible about issues pertinent to the successful operation of The Pinawa Golf & Country Club ;
  • Board members should always keep in mind that the foremost determinant of any decision is the best interests of the club as a whole;
  • The Board will debate issues of concern to the operation of the PG&CC, develop motions regarding these issues, and conduct a democratic vote at the end of debate;
  • In cases where immediate decisions and actions are required in the general operation of the PG&CC, no member of the board will take an independent decision or action without immediately notifying all other board members. Such decisions are subject to future board ratification, amendment, or reversal of the decision;
  • Once the Pinawa Golf & Country Club board has adopted a motion, board members are expected to support the decisions to the membership and conduct themselves as a unified body.
  • Any board member may divulge, without prejudice to the board’s members and actions, their own voting choices concerning a board motion, but may not divulge the choices of other board members;
  • It is not acceptable for board members to express negative opinions of other board members and/or board actions to individuals or small groups that may foment strife and divisiveness within the PG&CC;
  • When made aware of any member’s dissatisfaction concerning an issue regarding a previous board decision, the board should invite said member(s) to the next meeting to voice their concerns.
  • Realizes that it is the responsibility of the club manager and/or departmental supervisors to assign work to the staff and to monitor the results;
  • Understands the Board does not become involved in, or interfere with, the general manager and/or departmental supervisors in his/her daily managerial duties regarding work assignments to staff and does not instruct staff in how to perform their work.

 Part 3: Code of Conduct for Staff

This Code is to ensure a dignified and respectful working environment. The Code of Conduct differs from rules in that it addresses acceptable/unacceptable behavior. The general manager and/or departmental supervisors may establish staff rules beyond this document as they see fit for the efficient running of the PG&CC, but these rules must not contradict the spirit of these codes of conduct.

All staff are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that:

  • reflects positively on the membership and the physical environment of the club:
  • does not create unnecessary strife, ill will, or divisiveness among the membership and/or staff;
  • helps create a place whose physical appearance is a source of pride.
  • compliments a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment;
  • is open to courteous feedback and handles that feedback with appropriate civility and urgency;
  • understands their job performance direction comes from the general manager and/or departmental supervisors and not from the membership or board;
  • respectfully refers questions and concerns regarding the performance of duties to the general manager and/or departmental supervisors for action/inaction;
  • complies with the general rules and regulations established by the general manager and/or departmental supervisors for the efficient operation of the club.